Election Day: January 25, 2022.
Early Voting: January 10-21.

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Meet Piper

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As your City Council Member for District G, I will bring a lifetime of successful advocacy, organizational improvement, and volunteerism to enhance our city and to enhance the lives of our citizens.


Piper Madland’s love of Houston and her dedication to positive activism began when she was a teenager, when she enrolled as a freshman at Rice University. She graduated from Rice with bachelors of arts degrees in sociology and art and art history plus a place on the President’s Honor Roll.


Piper is married to Chris Madland and successfully raised Sabina and Noël, two independent twenty-somethings who support Piper in her longtime efforts to be an instrument of change. Piper’s parents, a retired Houston Oilers and Texans coach, and a high-school AP art teacher, also reside in Houston, along with her two sisters. 


Following her undergraduate degree from Rice University, Piper attended the University of Houston, earning a master’s degree in history with a concentration in women’s studies. Piper was honored as the outstanding history graduate upon graduation.


Throughout her career, Piper has worked for many nonprofit organizations which advocate for women and other underserved and underrepresented groups. Piper worked for The Houston Food Bank where she handled grant writing and fundraising for the organization. At DiverseWorks, a Houston nonprofit that collaborates with artists to present new art to the city, Piper managed event promotion and advertising outreach. At Women & Their Work, an Austin-based women’s art organization, Piper wrote grant proposals and managed financial operations, including bookkeeping, payroll, grants, and point-of-sale systems. Early in her career, Piper waited tables, worked as a photographer, and as a graphic designer. As well, she was a staff member at an Houston-area neighborhood magazine publishing company where she worked her way up from intern to editorial art director. Piper has succeeded in many walks of life, working for, collaborating with, and supporting people from different backgrounds and varying economic circumstances.


Piper has always dedicated time to volunteer with a number of groups; from parent-teacher groups to organizations that work for the common good. Piper served two terms as President of the Society of Rice University Women from 2015-19 and has been on the Board of Directors since 2010. She currently serves as Program Chair. Piper has volunteered with and supported Rice 360° Institute for Global Health. Piper served as Chair of the Parents Guild at St. John’s School, supervising hundreds of volunteers, and volunteered in many other capacities in her daughters’ schools. Piper volunteered as a photography teacher at Girls’ Own Stories, a community education program developed at Houston Center for Photography that uses photography, writing, video, and related media to teach young girls how to record, express, and share their life experiences. Piper and her family have hosted teachers in their home for several summers for Breakthrough Houston, an educational program that places motivated students from underserved areas on the path to college. Piper’s community volunteer history includes serving as Harris County Deputy Voter Registrar and community organizer. Piper has also worked extensively for various campaigns including candidates for Houston Independent School District, Harris County Commissioner, Texas State Board of Education, Texas State Representatives, US Congress and US President.


Piper has a history of starting small, building consensus, and then taking charge, executing the plan, and improving organizations. Piper has been described as a natural leader. “When I join an organization; I take on the hard work that needs to be done. I like to see where improvements are needed, research the options, and implement the best choice. I don’t subscribe to the ‘we’ve-always-done-it-this-way’ approach. If something can be better; let’s do it. And let’s do it now.” 


Houstonians. Residents. People.

All of the priorities and all of the reasons I am running for City Council are tied together with one word: PEOPLE.


I believe that people – all people – have the right to feel safe and be safe anywhere, anytime – at home, at work, in schools and parks, on the streets. I want people to have protection from crime, infrastructure problems, weather disasters, and economic shocks.

Below I outline some of the priorities I believe are important for all of us, the people of Houston. Please send me your comments, questions, and concerns at Together, we can work for a better Houston.


When elected, I will strengthen the communities in District G. I believe that people have the right to know what’s happening at City Hall. I will regularly email newsletters to all constituents to share information about the progress we are making and the issues we are facing in District G. I will host town halls in parks, schools, and meeting places throughout the area. Our district lacks community centers. We need places where people can gather for celebrations, discussions, classes, and more. I will work to develop community centers where we can build and reinforce our sense of neighborhood. Everyone feels safer when neighbors know one another and look out for each other. When people call my office, they will get a polite, professional response and we will provide answers.



Each and every one of us should be safe where we live. Homes should be safe from flooding. The power system must be reliable in all weather conditions, despite cold, heat, wind, rainstorms and flooding. I will use my experience in nonprofit organizations and grant writing to direct more federal grants to Houston. I will work to ensure that District G receives all the federal and state funds to which we are entitled. Funds that are allocated to Houston from Harvey, COVID-19, and the new $2 trillion federal infrastructure plan will be properly accessed and practically applied when I am elected. With diligent monitoring, I will ensure that funds are used effectively to improve water retention and flood abatement, as well as enhance our streets and highways.



Houston is a city on the move, so keeping our freeways, streets, and sidewalks in good repair is essential. I support the City’s comprehensive Vision Zero Action Plan, which is designed to provide all our neighborhoods with safe, accessible streets and sidewalks, and I will work to implement the plan. As an avid cyclist and triathlete, I also support the Bicycle Advisory Committee in its efforts to make Houston and District G safe for cyclists.



The city needs a safe response mechanism for individuals with mental health issues, for those who struggle with addiction, and for the homeless. Our Houston Police Department dedicated Mental Health Division oversees the department’s multi-faceted, specialized strategies for responding to the mentally ill. I will work to make more Houston citizens aware of this specialized division and its excellent services. I will work to elevate awareness of this division so that individuals in crises and their friends and families are better able to employ these services. When the appropriate mental specialists respond to such nonviolent crisis situations, patrol officers are freed to focus on preventing and solving actual crime. CAHOOTS is a successful operating program we will consider for inspiration and proven methods of success.


City Council has a responsibility to act as fiscal watchdog for the people of Houston. We should work toward a truly balanced budget. The City’s non-pension retirement obligations are expanding and a balanced solution must be found. In 2022, the City will be required to conduct a disparity study measuring equitable contracting with minority- and women-owned businesses (MWBE). This is essential for fair play, for good business, and for Houston. I will work to make sure we comply.


In the United States, in Houston, and in District G, all people are equal before the law. All people are valuable to the city. Every person must be treated with respect and dignity. Equity is one of my priorities and I will constantly work to improve equity as your City Council member for District G.


Role of City Council

The City Council is the City’s legislative body, with the power to enact and enforce all ordinances and resolutions. Eleven Council members are elected from districts and five are elected at-large, by all voters of the City.

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