The Role of a Council Member

The City Council is the City’s legislative body, with the power to enact and enforce all ordinances and resolutions.

Eleven Council members are elected from districts and five are elected at-large, by all voters of the City.

The duties and responsibilities of City Council members include but are not limited to:

• act only by ordinance, resolution, or motion;
• adopt and may alter the annual budget;
• confirm the Mayor’s appointments;
• responsible for the appropriation and issuance of bonds;
• award contracts;
• approve City expenditures over $50,000;
• lease or dispose of the City’s real estate; and
• levy assessments against property.

Houston has what is called a strong mayor-council structured government which means that the mayor sets the priorities and the City Council enacts and enforces the decisions.

I would add another item to this list. One that I, as your Council member for District G, consider to be of utmost importance – listening to and acting for the constituents. When I attend City Council meetings, I hear the business of the City. The dialogue and debate about tax abatement programs, the enterprise zones, the discussions about the workings of the police, fire and other departments, and more.

But what I also hear are the people of Houston asking about everyday concerns, such as better trash service. People who are worrying about flooding if or when another hurricane hits. People who want potholes and sidewalks repaired and who want streetlights to work.

I take the issues of people seriously. I take being a City Council member very seriously. When elected, it is my intention to stay the City Council member for District G for the full terms to which I am elected. This is not a stepping stone for me. This is the place where I can help the people of District G.

I don’t subscribe to the ‘we’ve-always-done-it-that-way’ approach. If something can be better, let’s do it. And let’s do it now. Together.

Election Day: January 25, 2022.
Early voting: January 10-21.